BenQ W1500 at ISE

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May 17, 2013
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July 30, 2013


At ISE 2013 BenQ : introduces its new 3D Full HD projector, the BenQ W1500. The new model extends BenQ’s home cinema segment with another Full HD projector with 3D technology. Compared to the current 3D projectors in BenQ’s portfolio, the W1070 and W7000+, features such as frame interpolation and lens shift make the W1500 stand out.

Another feature on the BenQ W1500 is the new WHDI (Wireless HDMI) function. This system uses no cables, but manages to produces optimum, cable-free playback. This makes it extremely practical in living rooms as it eliminates the need for complex wiring.

The WHDI connection gave a very convincing performance in the tests and in addition to the image the sound can also be transferred wirelessly. This is especially good on the W1500 as it offers 2 x 10 watt stereo speakers. Those who have used some of the other BenQ home cinema projectors such as the W1200 will be aware of how good the SRS WOW HD System is.

Like other new BenQ projectors the W1500 offers Smart Eco mode, extending the lamp life of the projector. In normal mode, a target runtime is set of 3000 hours, while up to 6000 hours can be achieved in SmartEco mode. This makes the BenQ W1500 cheap to maintain. In addition to the WHDI the W1500 has two HDMI inputs, a VGA port, a component input as well as S-Video and composite video.

The stereo speakers can therefore be Supplied via stereo RCA and 3.5 mm jack. In conclusion, the lens shift, frame interpolation and WHDI make this projector is an extremely exciting proposition, and we look forward to seeing whether the picture quality stands out from the entry-level home cinema projectors Ben Q produce.



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