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Acer gives its range of LED projectors a makeover! They have released updates to two of their range whilst adding a third unit to the series.

After the update, the Acer K130 will become the Acer K135 and the K330 will be the Acer K335. The new addition to the range is the Acer K132. At first glance, it is very much like the K130, but in a slimmed down form.

Let’s look at the changes in detail.

The Acer K335 keeps the same resolution as its predecessor and thus offers 1280 x 800 pixels (WXGA resolution). The changes come with the light output and contrast figures. Its light output is now at 1000 lumens, while its predecessor was equipped with only 500 lumens. However, this improvement comes at a price, because the K335 has become larger and therefore heavier. It is fair to assume that this is due to a larger number of LEDs needed to produce the light, and the cooling systems needed to keep them working.

Due to the size increase, the chassis itself has also been changed, but we think this is an improvement on the K330. The other big improvement previously mentioned was the contrast ratio, its predecessor was operating at a level of 4000:1, where as the Acer K335 now offers 10,000:1. We are excited to see how the improved specs of the Acer K335 look in comparison to its predecessor. The connections of K335 look to be exactly the same at first glance (HDMI, VGA, USB Type A, SD card, mini-USB, 3.5mm jack, and a RCA video port).

On closer inspection however, it reveals that the HDMI port now supports MHL standard. This is great news for users of MHL-enabled mobile phones. Like its predecessor, the K335 also features a media reader that is able to play various formats from a USB drive or SD card. These include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG, MPEG4, H264, MP3. This makes it one of the most versatile media readers you will find.

The Acer K135 follows the K130. When you compare it to the predecessor there do not look to be as many changes. The WXGA resolution and contrast of 10,000:1 remain the same. Only the light output was improved, from 300 to 500 lumens. The connections also remain the same. The projector has HDMI, USB Type A, Micro SD Card Slot, Universal I / O, and a 3.5mm jack connection. However, as with the K335 the HDMI connector also supports the MHL standard. Similarly to the big brother of the K135, it is also capable of various Office files, PDFs, images and videos from USB stick or the Micro SD card. Thanks to its light weight of just 0.43 kg is the Acer K135 well suited when it comes to mobile use. In addition, it is also assumed that the external power supply is compatible with some Acer notebooks, just as was the case with its predecessor.

Finally, the new LED projector in the range is the Acer K132. At first glance it looks like the K135. However, upon closer inspection, it is found that this is a cut down version. The Acer K132 only has an HDMI input and a universal I / O connection. All the other connections have been omitted and this means there is no USB/SD viewer function. This is reflected by the much lower price of the Acer K132. This makes it ideal for those users who do not need the viewer function, since they play content from their computing device.

All in all, the new LED projectors from Acer are very interesting. The light output and size combination offered by the K335 is a rare find in the market. The road to the complete replacement of the conventional projector lamp is slow, but we think this shows a major step in the right direction. We are excited to see what awaits us in the near future!

Acer K132

Acer K335


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