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Epson EB ­ U04 ­ The new compact WUXGA Multimedia Projector
March 3, 2016
Acer V9800: Acer announces 4K projector!
October 4, 2016

Gaming Projectors

Looking for the perfect gaming projector? After the world’s biggest video games fair ‘Gamescom‘ learn from us what to look for in a gaming projector. Let’s be honest, gaming on a 2-metre wide screen is much better than on a 24-inch monitor!

What you should look at a projector gaming?

Similar to monitors, there are certain qualities you need to look for in a projector. If you are using a monitor, the response time is an important criteria to look for. With projectors there are other features of importance, the most important of which we have detailed below.


An important point to keep in mind when choosing your gaming projector is the resolution. For current PC games, as well as consoles, the full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution is generally sufficient. You could also consider the WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution as well because the Full HD resolution fits within it. For newer consoles like the Xbox One S, offering 4K and HDR support, you can of course look at a 4K projector from the high-end segment, however as you would expect the prices are unnoticeably higher.

Light output

When choosing how many lumens to go for, it is important to know where you want to use the projector. Can the room be darkened or is it slightly lighter, such as in a living room? We would suggest looking at above 2000 lumens if you have control over the lighting and 3000 lumens or more when you don’t.


The most crucial thing here will be ensuring you have at least one HDMI port. This is the standard connection for transferring high definition content from your gaming device to the projector. In addition to HDMI, a DisplayPort connection can be interesting for PC users however this is not yet widespread in projectors.


In terms of features projectors now offer a variety of different properties, which are interesting for gamers and home theatre enthusiasts. Key features include Frame interpolation, MHL-ability and short-throw lenses. More details below!

Frame Interpolation

For gamers, this feature is a must-have. Especially with rapid image sequences as in the projection of car racing or action games, the frame interpolation is very attractive. In general, high end home theatre projectors are equipped with this feature.

MHL capability

Another feature is the MHL capability. An MHL enabled HDMI connection is especially interesting for mobile gamers, because it will allow an MHL -enabled smartphone or tablet to directly connect to them. In addition you can also use MHL wireless adapter.

Short throw Lens

The short-throw lens is a special feature that is especially interesting for movement based games. Where a normal projector needs a greater distance, here a significantly lower throw distance is required. A short throw projector can achieve an image width of 2 m at a distance of approximately 30 to 150cm (depending on the model). Thanks to the short distance you have enough space to move behind the projector without casting a shadow. A short-throw projector can also be particularly useful for smaller rooms where you otherwise would not have the space for a projector.

Gaming projector recommendations

There are several projectors that make great options for gamers. Here are two models that are particularly well suited!


Acer Predator Z650

The Acer Predator Z650 is actually THE gaming projector, since it has the closest links to the gaming scene. The Acer Predator series is known for its PCs and monitors. The range has been extended to projectors with the Z650 and it offers the typical, unmistakable Acer Predator style.

The Acer Z650 is a Full HD 3D projector with short-throw lens. It reaches an image width of 2 m at a distance of 1.5 m. The Z650 offers several features that speak for its suitability for gaming. This includes its RGBRGB color wheel that produces a true-color image display. Its gaming modes are optimized for fast image display and in addition it has an appealing speaker system including DTS sound support. Gamers with an nVidia system will find the Z650 also supports NVidia 3D TV Play.

The Acer Predator Z650 is attractive proposition for any gamer and is a must for fans of the Acer Predator series.


Epson EB-U04

The Epson EB-U04 is a popular multimedia projector, which is a great choice for gaming. Using 3LCD technology, it offers a color-neutral representation, similar to a LCD monitor. The resolution it uses is 1920 x 1200 thus covering the full HD resolution. Thanks to its 3000 lumens, it can even be used in the living room to good effect.

In terms of features the Epson EB-U04 is a little below the Acer Predator, however this is reflected in the lower price of the unit. It has two HDMI inputs, one of which is MHL-enabled and thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be easily transported to a friends as well. A feature that goes hand in hand with its portability is the vertical and horizontal keystone correction of +/- 30 degrees meaning it can be set up almost anywhere.

As you can see, the Epson EB-U04 is a great multimedia projector, which can be used for many different applications. Although it is lacking in some features, thanks to its attractive price and excellent image quality, it will be near the top of anyone’s shortlist!

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