Acer K650i – Acer launches first LED Full HD projector

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October 4, 2016
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Acer K650i – Acer launches first LED Full HD projector

Acer introduces their first Full HD LED Projector, the Acer K650i. Thus, Acer closes its gap between the LED projectors and those with a conventional lamp.

LED technology

Up to now the Taiwanese manufacturer has only offered LED projectors that were equipped with a WXGA DLP chip. Now with the K650i Acer joins other manufacturers like LG, with an LED projector with Full HD resolution. The LED technology offers the advantage of a long-lasting light source. The Acer K650i has a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours in Eco mode so a change of the lamp is no longer a concern and the purchase costs for a replacement lamp are also omitted. Thus, the K650i provides an attractive money saving option.

A further advantage of the LED light source: Compared to the colour wheel technology, it covers a much larger colour space. This provides the projector with a larger colour palette with which it can also display the sRGB color space.

In addition to the colours, the LED technology also influences the contrast and with a value of 100,000: 1, the K650i is very attractive. Its representation of dark images are boosted thanks to the very high contrast ratio.

Hidden Port

This is the first LED projector in the Acer portfolio with the so-called Hidden Port. This is hidden on the bottom of the projector, not as usual under the top cover. The Hidden Port offers enough space to accommodate the optionally available Acer MWA3 Wireless Adapter or the receiver of the optional MWiHD1 Wireless Kit. Thus, the Acer K650i is particularly suitable when you are looking for a smart wireless solution.

Attractive design

As we are accustomed to from the Acer LED projectors, the design of the K650i is very appealing. At first glance, it strongly reminds the Acer K138ST, and we think it has a very elegant finish.


Multimedia Reader

The K650i has a multimedia reader, which can be supplied with data via an SD card or the internal 4GB memory. Supported file types include images, videos, music, office files, and PDFs, this makes the Acer K650i cheap for digital signage use.

Audio features

The Acer K650i is very well equipped in the audio department, offering a 2 x 5 Watt stereo loudspeaker, which provides a decent performance for a smaller room and means that if you want to use the Acer projector for occasional home cinema or gaming sessions, an external loudspeaker is not essential. If, on the other hand, you want to improve on the quality you can link it to a Bluetooth loudspeaker (eg a sound bar) thanks to the Bluetooth audio interface. It also offers the more traditional 3.5mm audio in and out ports too for easy connection to other devices.


The Acer K650i offers two MHL-capable HDMI inputs. One is in the Hidden Port, the other in the back. In addition to the wireless adapter solutions, MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets can also be connected via MHL cables. This allows the transfer of high-definition content directly from the mobile device.

The K650i also has a 5V DC USB connection, so when you use wireless solution like the google Chromecast dongle or an Amazon Fire TV stick, the USB port provides power.

Connection diversity

When looking at the interfaces, the Acer K650i can be compared with its smaller WXGA brother. However, you will discover small but subtle differences: it offers a USB connection as well as the two MHL-capable HDMI inputs. The 5V DC USB port is located on the back and is used for power supply. For the media player the mentioned SD slot is available.

Another change is the direct power connection, many other LED projectors use an external power supply, the K650i does without it and has an internal power supply which is particularly attractive when ceiling mounting.


With the Acer K650i the Taiwanese manufacturer has produced an attractive LED Full HD projector. With its light intensity of 1400 lumens you can easily use it for a range of different application’s. We are convinced however, that it will find its main application area in the home cinema, as the optimum prerequisites for light output prevail in this area. Thanks to its sRGB & Rec 709 support in conjunction with the color-responsive LED image quality, it provides perfect conditions for a successful home cinema image!

What do you think about the new LED Full HD Projector from Acer?

Acer K650i

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