Optoma HD27 – New entry level home cinema projector!

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Optoma HD27

A worthy successor to the HD26?

The Optoma HD27 we are looking at here is the successor to the popular HD26. At first glance it is noticeable that the chassis of the projector has changed: it has become more compact.

More interesting changes can be found if you look inside the projector though. Here we will see the Amazing Colour technology, which offers highly sophisticated color representation. It is so good that the Optoma HD27 is capable of reproducing the Rec. 709 color standard. This is used internationally for the display of HDTV content.

Qualitatively the Optoma HD27 is at a high level, which enables the projector to conform to ISF ccc standard. The picture quality can be increased once again – thanks to the calibration options found in the menu’s of the projector – which is appealing to home cinema enthusiasts.


Special features

The Optoma HD27 offers a number of practical features that make it attractive for home cinema use. Lets take a look at the following:

Dynamic Black Technology

It provides an attractive, dynamic contrast, which is particularly noticeable in films with varying contrast values.

Full 3D

Full 3D is the name for the direct 3D capability. The HD27 offers two ways of connecting 3D glasses. In addition to the DLP Link technology, in which the 3D glasses receive the signal from the color wheel (white flash), the projector also provides the 3D sync interface for an external 3D RF system (radio). This is the better solution because the viewer is not tied to the reflection from the screen as the RF transmitter distributes the signal around the room.

MHL & USB Power

The Optoma HD27 offers convenience for connecting dongles. It has a MHL-capable HDMI interface as well as a 5V DC USB connection for the power supply of external devices. The MHL-capable HDMI interface is interesting for the optionally available Optoma HDCast Pro Wireless Adapter, with which content can be presented wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. The 5V USB interface allows you to connect the optional WHD200 and power the receiver. The HD27 offers attractive conditions for wireless use.

Gaming mode

The Optoma HD27 offers attractive features not only for home cinema fans, thanks to its gaming mode which optimizes the response times, it offers gamers an attractive platform for gamers too. In the Optoma HD27 test, the natural color reproduction of the projector also came into its own.

Technical characteristics

The Optoma HD27 works with Full HD resolution. Its light output of 3200 lumens is OK in a semi-darkened living room, but is better in a true home cinema environment. Its contrast is at a value of 25,000:1.


The HD27 offers everything you need in the home theater environment: two HDMI inputs (1 x with MHL), a 5V DC USB connection, a 3D sync connection, a 12V trigger output and a 3.5mm audio output.


With the new HD27 Optoma provides yet another attractive option in the 3D full HD projector market. Thanks to the representation of the Rec.709 color standard, the image quality is now even more effective than the predecessor. The choice of the various 3D eyewear options is also interesting because you can choose between the respective systems to suit your needs and budget.


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