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Panasonic SolidShine Laser Technology – cost-effective & reliable

The Panasonic Solid Shine laser technology can be found in more and more of the Panasonic range. It is easy to see that the laser light source will become the norm for installation projectors, replacing the traditional projector lamp. The laser technology offers a number of advantages compared to the conventional lamp and this technology has been very well implemented by Panasonic. Enough time has passed since release to prove themselves in a variety of installations.


InteractiveSquash by FUN WITH BALLS

A company using the laser light source projectors in their installations are FUN WITH BALLS GmbH from Munich in Germany. Using a Panasonic PT-RW620BE with the optional ET DLE085 lens, the centre wall of a squash court can come to life! InteractiveSquash supports different game modes, which individually challenge the player each time they play bringing significantly more variety and action into the game. This great idea was even awarded an ISPO Brand New Award. You can see more about InteractiveSquash here:


Subsequent costs (TCO)

The Panasonic laser projector, together with the sensors and the software can add up to an high initial cost, so it’s crucial to make sure that the Squash Court is available to the player long term. Therefore, a highly reliable projector is a must. Thanks to the laser technology, the light source offers a running time of up to 20,000 hours. They are low-maintenance and allow for use 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week. This leads to an attractive TCO value ( Total Cost of Ownership ), which benefits both the operators and the customers.



In terms of reliability, a Panasonic laser projector is destined for such an application. In addition to the 24/7 operation, which is supported by a lower heat development by means of liquid cooling, the encapsulated optical unit ensures low sensitivity to dust. The projector does not have to be cleaned every week, which saves money and time. If one of the laser diodes in the projector fails, the light output only drops by about 6%, which is hardly perceptible in the projection. So even if a few laser diodes were to fail, the projection can still carry on!


Light output & color rendering

Another advantage of the Panasonic laser projectors is their good picture quality. The color representation is nearly comparable with that of a 3-chip DLP projector which are significantly more expensive. You get a balanced picture representation, which shows the content in natural colors. Light degradation is also barely a factor, while a lamp after several hundred hours shows a visible drop in the light output, this is very slow but continuous with a laser projector. This means that the degradation of light intensity after several thousand hours of operation is barely, if at all noticeable. This ensures a constant, consistently good image display.



The flexibility of the projectors is particularly important for the interactiveSquash install. Thanks to the interchangeable lenses, they can vary the distance and image size, which makes them suitable for the most diverse situations. In addition, they can be rotated 360 degrees on the vertical and horizontal axes allowing for a whole host of new perspectives for a projection. Projections on the floor and on the ceiling are also possible making it easy to implement even more complex installations.



When you look at all of these features, you soon realise that FUN WITH BALLS GmbH ‘s decision to use Panasonic projectors is absolutely right, as the projectors are the perfect partner for such a project.


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