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The Acer V7850 had already been introduced at ISE 2016. Now Acer has unveiled another 4K projector, the Acer H7850. At first glance, you will notice the difference in the colour of the zoom and focus ring’s, with them being copper gold on the V7850, while they are silver on the H7850. The bigger differences are hidden inside the projectors, and it’s here that we will look in greater detail.

Why two 4K projectors?

At first we were a bit surprised that Acer is now launching two 4K projectors, as only one model was previously announced. Why is Acer launching a second model? After looking at the technical data of the two projectors, it became clear. The V7850 is more for a dedicated home cinema, e.g. in the basement where as the H7850 on the other hand is a brighter unit designed for the living room. This can be attributed to two specific properties. Firstly, the light output. While the Acer V7850 offers “only” 2100 lumens, the H7850 has more than 3000 lumens, making the latter more suitable for a room where you perhaps can not control the lighting environment so well. The difference in the light output is at part a result of the change of colour wheel. The Acer V7850 works with an RGBRGB color wheel that allows less light than the normal color wheel (RGBYCMW) of the Acer H7850. The RGBRGB colour wheel creates even more natural colours at the expense of overall brightness.

Thanks to the RGBRGB color wheel, the home cinema version offers the possibility to be calibrated according to the ISF ccc standard. You can save a setting for operation in a bright room (day) and one for a darkened room (night).

The Acer H7850 offers a good light output for various applications making it suitable for cinema, gaming or football.

4K UHD resolution

Like the first 4K projector from Acer, the V9800, the two new models also work with the 4K-UHD resolution. It is currently the common 4K resolution for DLP projectors with the 3840 x 2160 pixels offering four times the amount of full HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

We can tell by the news that two 4K projectors have been launched, that the topic 4K at Acer is gaining more and more importance. This allows them to target two markets, both those with a dedicated home cinema and those who have a more casual set up.

HDR & Rec. 2020 compatible

Both Acer projectors are HDR and Rec. 2020 compatible. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is now seen as a matter of course for 4K projectors. In fact, however, it is not yet a standard feature since not all 4K-projectors on the market offer HDR support. This puts the new Acer 4K-projector’s right at the top as far as the contrast is concerned.

Another plus is the Rec. 2020 compatibility. This new colour space is specially designed for 4K and 8K content and provides an optimal result in the colour presentation. The Acer V7850 and the Acer H7850 benefit from an optimal colour space coverage for 4K projectors.

AccuMotion (Frame interpolation)

After a long time without a projector with frame interpolation, Acer now has the Acer ‘AccuMotion technology’, as they call it, featuring in both projectors. The frame interpolation technology ensures smooth image sequences during fast movement.


The connections for the Acer V7850 and H7850 projectors are identical



Both projectors are equipped with flexible optics. They both use a 1.6x zoom, which provides flexibility in setting up and selecting the image size.

Another practical feature is the vertical lens shift function. It provides a vertical offset of +/- 15%. Compared to some other projectors, it is not that strong, however it is still a very useful addition for fine adjustment of the image on the screen.

Form factor

Compared to the previously available 4K projectors, the two new Acer 4K projectors are a complete redesign. While other current devices weigh between 10 and 20 kg and are the size of a small suitcase, the V7850 and H7850 are just 5.3 kg and a dimension of 39.8 x 29.7 x 12.7 cm (WxDxH). This means they could be transported without too much effort.



Acer V7850 & Acer H7850 Comparison

Here are the key specs of the two projectors at a glance.

Acer V7850 Acer H7850
Resolution 4K-UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K-UHD (3840 x 2160)
Lumen 2100 3000
Contrast 1.000.000:1 1.000.000:1
HDR compatible Yes Yes
Rec. 2020 compatible Yes Yes
Rec. 709 / sRGB Yes No
ISF ccc Yes No
Lens-Shift (vertical) + / -15 % + / -15 %
MHL Yes Yes
AccuMotion Yes Yes
HDMI connections 2 (1 x with HDCP2.2) 2 (1 x with HDCP2.2)


Acer H7850 & Acer V7850 prices

While both units are yet to hit the market, we are looking at initial prices for the Acer H7850 of £2499 and the V7850 at £2999.

As expected, the V7850 price is higher than the H7850. This is due to its image quality and the associated features.


With the two new 4K projectors Acer has produced an exciting duo. Especially for home cinema fans who found the price of the V9800 to be too expensive.
While the Acer V7850 price is already below that of the the V9800, it might be that the Acer H7850 is the one that appeals to the majority thanks to its cheaper price and higher brightness.

We look forward to receiving both units so we can look at them in more detail, keep an eye out for our Acer V7850 review, with an H7850 review also on the cards.



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