Samsung Flip 2 WM85R Test Video Review – Is the new 85″ touch display a blackboard replacement?

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June 13, 2018
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January 18, 2021

To celebrate the new school year, Samsung presents the new Samsung Flip WM85R. We were lucky enough to test this device exclusively in advance. The high quality of the 85″ display combined with practical functions offer ideal conditions for interactive and collaborative learning, especially when used by schools or universities.

Is the new 85 inch Samsung Flip a blackboard replacement?

The predecessors of the Samsung Flip WM85R came with a 55 and 65 inch display size. The new Samsung Flip, on the other hand, is based on an 85 inch diagonal. The increased work surface gives you more freedom, especially in the creative area.

Samsung Flip WM85 R - Pinselmodus

This is also a great advantage in everyday school life, as different areas or tasks can be worked through directly on the display and are visible to the whole class. 

A further advantage of the new display size is particularly evident in larger meeting rooms. The 85 inch display offers a fantastic picture in 4K, so that even small details are visible to every participant in the room.

By combining it with a height-adjustable display stand, you can adjust the height of the touch display to suit your individual needs. Especially in schools, this allows a balance to be achieved between the different heights of the students.

New design – A better fit in the school environment!

The smaller models were equipped with a white frame based on the classic flipchart. In contrast, the new Samsung Flip 2 WM85R uses a black metal frame.

Especially when wall-mounted in classrooms, the separation between frame and wall becomes clear and the Smart Board is an excellent replacement for a blackboard.

As well as the frame, the pen has now also been designed in black. In our test, however, it was clearly visible that the natural writing feeling still exists. Likewise, the pen continues to use two different thickness tips to suit every situation.

Ready for immediate use – More time in the classroom

Especially in the education sector, time is always very tight and leaves little room for manoeuvre. Thanks to the extremely fast operational readiness of the Samsung Flips WM85R, lessons can start immediately and the time can be used for important tasks. It only takes a few seconds until the device is ready for use.

Proven features – smart interaction in the classroom

In addition to the changed display size and the new design, the Samsung Flip WM85R offers the same features as the previous models. Take a look at our Samsung Flip WM85R test video

  • Miracast: The Miracast feature in particular offers an extremely wide range of possible applications in everyday school life, such as wireless screen sharing or the simple streaming of content.
  • Templates: With the integrated styles, for example, sheet music, timetables, maths notes or timetables can be stored directly on the display as a background. This saves a lot of time, especially in the preparation of lessons.
  • Web browser: With the integrated web browser you do not need a separate PC to surf the web. Especially in classrooms or small meeting rooms, this offers an extreme space advantage.

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